The History of Taste: Roselli’s Exploration of Italian Foods’ Histories & Origins


Roselli’s is debuting “The History of Taste,” a blog and social media series dedicated to the history and culture of Italian food. Roselli’s wants to regale the general public with the stories behind their favorite foods. Most everyone is, of course, familiar with Italian food, a technically ethnic food group that has permeated itself throughout American kitchens and culture. The past of pasta, though, may surprise you.

“The History of Taste” series will be a playful and informative way to explore new foods and Roselli’s product line. We hope you may even pick up some fun facts or stories to bring back to your own dinner tables.

To learn more fun facts about your food and Roselli’s products, please follow our blog and ‘like’ us on Facebook to follow updates in real-time. We cook food we would, and do, share with our own family, and we would love for you to be apart of it.

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