The History of Taste: Chicken Parmesan, or When Americans Do Italian Food


History of Chicken Parmesan


In addition to lasagna, there is another popular so-called Italian dish that does not actually originate in Italy. Chicken parmesan, or simply ‘chicken parm’ is a mouth-watering entree composed of fried and breaded chicken filets smothered in mozzarella, parmesan, and tomato sauce, all of which is then baked. Slathered in cheese and sauce, chicken parmesan certainly looks like an authentic Italian meal, however its specific place of birth remains unknown.

We do know that chicken parmesan is a variation on the legit Italian entree parmigiana, which is twice-cooked aubergine, or eggplant. The origins of eggplant parmesan, as we call it, are also up for debate, though. Some claim the dish was aptly created in the northern region of Parma as Parmigiana translates to “in the style of Parma.” In southern Italy, where eggplants grow more plentifully, Sicily and Naples have both laid claim to Melanzana alla Parmigiana.

Italian immigrants took parmigiana with them to other countries where they devised popular variations with meat cutlets like veal and, of course, chicken. In Argentina and neighboring South American countries, industrious individuals top parmigiana with ham and serve it with french fries. The U.K. invented Parmo, a dish consisting of fried, breaded chicken topped with cheese and white bechamel. In America, we like to put chicken parmesan in subs, hoagies, gyros, grinders, or whatever a particular region calls their version of sandwiches on a long roll.

As with all of our products, Roselli’s chicken parmesan is crafted from a recipe we’ve been using for over 40 years. While the dish itself may not be authentically Italian, our ingredients and cooking process capture the taste of Italia.

Origin of Chicken Parmesan


Roselli’s Chicken Parmesan Ingredients

All of Roselli’s products are made from scratch using all natural ingredients, with no additives or preservatives.  Below are the fresh ingredients for our chicken parmesan laid out on the chopping block.

Chicken Parm Ingredients Final

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